Everyone (hopefully) cares for the environment these days and rightfully so. At Camping in the Forest, the connection we have with nature is vital to the experience, and so we’re no different.

As well as the general environment, we need to safeguard the forests. We need to be conscious about the wildlife that calls these areas home, aware of the measures in place to protect them and their surroundings, and act on that where necessary.

Our Caravan and Camping Sites

Part of our pledge is to maintain our beautiful sites for future generations to come, to keep them in touch with the forests in which they lie, and to minimise their impact on the surrounding wildlife.

Our sites leave most of the ground untouched, which means they remain a friendly environment for birds, animals and plants, giving guests the opportunity to share their holiday locations with interesting flora and fauna.

Our New Forest sites are frequented by the wildlife that the area has become famous for, and we aim to welcome them for years to come.

We also have recycling schemes in place at all of our campsites that mean any waste produced by our visitors is dealt with in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Denny Wood has now installed Solar Panels and Wind Turbines to keep energy usage down.

An environmentally friendly holiday

A holiday with Camping in the Forest scores well when it comes to minimising environmental impact. No need to concern yourself with the carbon footprint of fuel-guzzling overseas flights and, although many people arrive by car, once on site most will dig out their walking or climbing boots or take to their bikes to get around.

Measuring our impact on the environment

Four of our sites were presented with David Bellamy Conservation Awards, Hollands Wood was presented with a silver award, whilst Glenmore, Postern Hill and Cobleland have been presented with gold awards.

David Bellamy Conservation Awards are given to sites which can demonstrate policies showing active concern for the environment including the protection of plant and animal habitats, the efficient use of energy and recycling.

The green agenda is supported throughout the company using environmental products and practices across the operation.  The Camping in the Forest board includes Dr Victoria Edwards, OBE as a non-executive director, who gives guidance and strategy to the company on sustainability and eco-tourism.

Eco-friendly partners

Camping in the Forest is part owned by Forestry England and Forestry and Land Scotland – the Government Departments responsible for ensuring the nation’s forests provide sustainable timber, nature conservation and public recreation.

The other co-owner is The Camping and Caravanning Club, which has a 100-year history of respect for the environment and has an active Countryside Care section. 

Both partners guarantee that Camping in the Forest's ‘green’ credentials are safeguarded for the future

You can help too

It doesn’t just stop at us, though. Many of the things you can do to help the environment are most likely things that you already do without even thinking.

Recycling and energy saving

All our sites have facilities that allow you to recycle your rubbish whilst on holiday. We recycle the following items on our campsites:

• Glass bottles/jars
• Card and paper
• Plastic bottles
• Newspaper/magazines
• Drink cans/tin cans
• Plastic containers
• Tetra-pak
• Aluminium foil and trays

Other simple things like turning off the tap whilst you clean your teeth, shaving or washing your face, and filling the washing machine rather than only cleaning a half load can make a massive difference in saving water. You could also save energy by dropping the temperature of your washing machine slightly.

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