Our latest research found that over four in 10 people believe they become the most ‘adventurous’ in their 40s and spend more time living life to the full, trying new hobbies and activities, as well as getting out and exploring the great outdoors!

Inspired by the findings, we launched a search for the UK’s most adventurous over 40, who would become our new ‘Chief Exploration Officer’ (CEO) and get paid to spend time enjoying exciting outdoor adventures with Camping in the Forest. 

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After receiving hundreds of fantastic entries, Hannah Awesome from New Milton landed the job! As part of her new role, she received a salary of £500, a fun-packed itinerary of outdoor activities and a pitch at three of our stunning campsites.

Apart from having an amazing experience this summer, Hannah’s only other duty as CEO was to provide feedback on her exciting adventures – and here’s how she got on!  

An Awesome Adventure

Our new CEO, Hannah, stayed at our Holmsley, Bracelands and Ashurst campsites in the New Forest and the Forest of Dean.  

As this was her first time camping at a large site during the pandemic, we were pleased to hear Hannah describe our campsite teams as ‘really friendly and helpful’ as she received a warm welcome at each site. 

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With great atmosphere and a ‘stunning’ location, it was our Bracelands site which stole the limelight for Hannah, and she enjoyed waking up to the view of the beautiful forest surroundings. 


Hannah kicked off her time with us with a trio of outdoor activities. In the spirit of being our new CEO, she didn’t hold back and started with an axe throwing lesson, which she found ‘great fun’, although it was her husband who  impressed everyone with his ‘pro’ skills.


This was followed by an archery and crossbow session, where Hannah really came into her own. These activities ‘came naturally’ to her and hitting the bullseye was her highlight of the morning! 

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In the spirit of adventure, Hannah’s Friday started with a guided forest walk. Despite being an experienced explorer, she discovered parts of the New Forest that she had never seen before and learnt a lot about different birds and flowers in the forest. It was great to hear that she enjoyed herself and that she found the guide ‘knowledgeable and friendly’.

Afternoon tea generation exploration 

After an exciting start to her trip, our new CEO and her friend sat  down for a well-deserved afternoon tea at the nearby Burley Manor. Hannah found the afternoon ‘simply amazing’ and said that the cakes were delicious, the setting was perfect and the staff very attentive. The pair were never far from the great outdoors, and as they left, they were greeted by a herd of deer grazing. 


On Saturday afternoon our CEO took to underground exploration, during a visit to a mine. The activity started with an ex-miner talking everyone through the history of the mines and the local area before the pair decked themselves out in hard hats and torches and descended into the mine.


Accompanied by a guide, who was great at explaining the different parts of the mine, Hannah found the overall visit ‘very insightful’ and said it was emotional thinking about how miners had to endure such harsh working conditions. 


To top off her time with us, our CEO took to new heights at Go Ape! Hannah really enjoyed the activity, despite admitting that it was harder than it looked. Unsurprisingly, she rose to the challenge and enjoyed trying things she hadn’t done before – and that’s why she is our CEO! 


She loved going down the zip-wires and flying through the trees where she could see just how vast the Forest of Dean is, the perfect adventurous activity for Hannah as she neared the end of her time away with us.

From throwing axes to exploring mines, Hannah not only proved she was a worthy
candidate for our CEO, but that life really does start at 40! If you’re feeling inspired to find your inner explorer, take a look at our campsites and what they have to offer here


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