14 brilliant camping hacks every camper must know

Apr 19, 2016

Ah, camping. A lot of people love it, but a lot of people still find certain things difficult. We’ve put together a list of 14 top tips for sleeping under the stars, which *should* make your experience a lot more enjoyable!

Foam flooring


Kids foam flooring is perfect for the inside of a tent and creates simple and cheap comfortable flooring which connects together with ease.

Bring black bags!


Black bags can be used for a number of different purposes; to fix a tent, wear over your shoes (if you forgot wellies) and of course for keeping the campsite clean.

Keep your clothes warm


Put tomorrow’s clothes in the bottom of your sleeping bag so they stay warm. You’ll thank us on a crisp spring morning!

Put a keyring loop on zips

This will make it easier to open your tent or other compartments if you’re wearing gloves or you have cold hands.

Smoke meat with rosemary


Rosemary is a nice alternative to marinade/spices, place it directly on charcoal and place the meat on top for a natural coating.

Pre-prepare food at home


It’s much easier if you plan on bringing food with you to prepare it at home. Eggs can be pre-scrambled and put in a bottle and pancake mix can be made beforehand too.

Attach your keys to a cork


If you’re camping near water or are going on a boat trip, attach a cork to your keys and you’ll never lose them!

Makeshift pillows


Forgot a pillow? No problem. Rather than using a soggy hoodie as a pillow, stuff your sleeping bag’s sack with clothes and use that instead.

Quick-dry shoes


Remove the insoles of your shoes and stuff a dry t-shirt or newspaper inside them overnight to dry them out quicker.

The old rice trick


Everyone’s heard of this – but it actually works. If you’ve dropped your phone, camera or any other electrical item in water, pop it in a bag of rice or a couple of days and you should be able to save it. Just don’t turn it on directly after it’s been in the water as you’re likely to blow a fuse.

Bring an IKEA bag

Ikea bag

Everyone’s got one of those blue IKEA bags at home - and if not, they are 40p in-store. These are perfect for a number of uses; carrying things, sitting on the ground, a temporary shelter, to gather wood…

The multi-purpose plate


Bring a Frisbee with you – not only can you play Frisbee with the kids but it can double up as a makeshift plate if you run out, or you can use it to fan embers from a fire.

Headlamp light


Place a headlamp facing in to a large bottle of water for a DIY, freestanding light. Tip: use a red light so you don’t blind any of your friends!

Pack bags within your main bag


It’s a lot easier when you pack things into individual bags rather than shoving it all in to the same one. At the end of a long day you’ll be relieved to find everything where you left it rather than mixed up in one huge rucksack.
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