Disconnecting with Chris Packham

May 11, 2015

chris packham in the new foreste’re surrounded by our phones, tablets and computers all day long, for many of us our devices are never too far away. Here at Camping in the Forest we decided to conduct a survey to find out just how much we use this technology and what effect it has on us. Some of the findings included:

50% of Brits admit they hardly ever spend time with their family or partner without their phone, tablet or computer on standby.

84% wish they could revert back to the ‘good old days’ when life was simpler and they were happier.

27% say technology means people don’t talk as much as they used to

21% say technology means we have lost the art of chatting and building proper relationships

One in five Brits have never been camping and 40% haven’t been for years

And although 95% of people think it’s important to spend time outdoors, connecting with Mother Nature – two thirds (66%) say they simply don’t have time to do it.

Modern technology is a wonderful thing and has enabled us to connect in ways we never thought possible some 50 years ago, however, we could all benefit from escaping the modern mania of life once in a while.

So what are we doing about it?

To help us digitally deflated Brits recapture our raison d’etre, we’ve teamed up with naturalist and TV presenter, Chris Packham to encourage the Great British public to get out camping and enable the disconnection of our devices in order to reconnect with our families.

In Chris's own words 

Here's what Chris had to say: “Britain boasts some of the most stunning scenery in the world, which people travel far and wide to see, so it is a travesty that British people aren’t making the most of it. Our message is simple; turn the computer off, leave the phone at home, and get camping – not only will it help you reconnect with your loved ones and nature, but you’ll be sure to create memories that’ll last a lifetime and will never be forgotten!”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves, happy camping all! 

*Survey conducted in May 2015 on a random selection of 1000 UK residents across all ages and demographics of population, including both male and female respondents.
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