Unleash your inner child this summer!

May 22, 2017

What do you miss the most about being a child? Is it the lack of responsibility and care free days, or how wild your imagination used to be? Well, according to a survey we recently conducted, these two factors rated the highest (48% and 11%), whilst activities including playing outside (58%) and having water fights (35%) summoned up the most nostalgic memories and 48% of participants just wished they could make more time to have fun. And the age we apparently miss the most? Eight!
According to the adults surveyed, being eight was fondly remembered as the age when summers were spent building dens with friends, and 21% quoted it as the age they learnt to ride a bike without their stabilisers.

Our 16 campsites nestled in ancient woodlands throughout the UK offer a unique holiday, a chance to experience the real ‘away’. With miles to explore, the forest is the perfect place to be a big kid again, to go on an adventure and relive your youth. 

We commissioned the research to encourage adults to reminisce about their childhoods and compare it to how their children live their own lives nowadays. Alarmingly, over a third of parents we spoke with said that they were worried that technology is taking away the experiences they had from their children when they were the same age.  

At Camping in the Forest, we don’t think age should ever be a barrier to do the things you used to love, and we certainly don’t think technology should get in the way, either! We want to encourage everyone to get back to basics, ditch technology and shake off the layers of responsibility. Getting outside not only has a series of health benefits – both physically and to your mental wellbeing – but it also helps you and your family to reconnect with each other and the great outdoors, share favourite memories and play all of the games you used to enjoy back in the day. So let your imagination run free, step outside and unleash your inner child with Camping in the Forest!

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