Green Campers Guide: 5 Top Tips For Environmentally Friendly Camping

Jul 19, 2016

We’re all for being as green as possible and treating our forest environments in the friendliest manner we can. The beautiful views and 
tranquility wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t care what we did with our waste.

We’re not going to lecture you about putting your rubbish in the bin and making sure dog mess is dealt with but there are a few handy tips we can give on making the whole process a little simpler.

Leave your gadgets at home


You’re going camping; you’re going to be in some of the most beautiful locations in the UK. You don’t NEED your iPad, straighteners or TV! Save the weight in your car, the electricity and the hassle by spending your time enjoying the outdoors to the max.

There are two exceptions here: mobile phones to make emergency calls and to take wonderful pictures of your camping trip to remember for years to come and a torch or two.

Bring reusable plates and utensils


This might sound like a strange or obvious one however you’d be surprised by the amount of advice out there telling you to take disposables to throw away after each meal. 5 minutes washing up vs 5 trees wasted…we know what we’d choose.

“Take only pictures, leave only footprints”

This is a common saying amongst campers and outdoor explorers alike. Leave nothing when you pack your pitch away that wasn’t there when you arrived. Rubbish, toy and food are all items which can cause hazards to our protected and very special forest wildlife.

Use second hand gear


If you’re only planning on a camping trip once a year, buying brand new camping gear isn’t only really expensive but it’s unnecessary too! The best place to find second hand camping gear is online. Backpacks, folding chairs, and even tents are things you can save money on!  

Stay on marked trails and paths


Did you know walking boots are some of the most damaging footwear to the environment? Wearing your boots on hard trails or obvious grassy paths is fine but try not to go into areas where you’ll damage the local fauna and flora with your heavy boots. Soft soled shoes are great for wearing around the campsite as they won’t cause as much damage to the ground and everything living within it.


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