Camping in the Forest sites are run on behalf of Forestry England and Forestry and Land Scotland.

Now with 16 campsites to its name, Camping in the Forest aims to deliver as much value to the camping community as possible. Bringing to the table a unique set of campsites, a roaring enthusiasm, and an expertise to match it, we aim to do as much justice to camping and the outdoors as they both rightly deserve.

Our vision

Our locations mean you are truly amongst the forest, eating, sleeping and playing in them every day you are there, and that’s key to our vision. We believe camping allows for a rewardingly simple lifestyle that brings you back to your natural habitat.

  • We think that everyone should try camping. It builds up a love and appreciation of the outdoors, it gets us fit and it disconnects us from technology and everything else that’s become a part of daily life.
  • We aim to make camping accessible for all. By improving knowledge, offering advice where possible and providing a range of attractive sites with the right facilities, we can do our bit to make camping accessible.

Sustainable Camping

Where possible we work with partner organisations to ensure that our campsites are managed with the interests of the forests at the heart of what we do and that our visitors can enjoy many wonderful experiences that these forests have to offer.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the New Forest where we look after 10 campsites, find out more about this unique area.

Forestry England and Forestry and Land Scotland

Responsible for forestry across England and Scotland, Forestry England and Forestry and Land Scotland decided in 2006 that their aim was to allow the public to stay in its forests overnight. Today, we have campsites in some of the most beautiful forests in England and Scotland:

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