Our Story

Breaking off from the usual mould of camping, Camping in the Forest stems from an ambition of the Camping and Caravanning Club to find an exciting outlet for its bolder ideas. 

In 2006 we joined up with the Forestry Commission, whose aim was to allow the public to stay in its forests overnight. As a result, four of the UK’s ancient forests became even more accessible, the public could enjoy them as holiday destinations, and camping had an exciting new addition.

Now with 15 campsites to its name, Camping in the Forest aims to deliver as much value to the camping community as possible. Bringing to the table a unique set of campsites, a roaring enthusiasm, and an expertise to match it, we aim to do as much justice to camping and the outdoors as they both rightly deserve.

Our vision for camping

A part of the forest

Our campsites provide unrivalled access to the forests. With a focus on no boundaries, you can take off in any direction to explore them.

Whilst not a major change to the usual take on camping, no boundaries means you are truly amongst the forest before even leaving your tent, and that’s key to our vision. 

Camping offers a refreshing getaway because it’s back to basics, worry-free, just relaxation and an appreciation of the outdoors. It’s a rewardingly simple, albeit short-lived, lifestyle. 

To enhance that, the more we’re a part of the surroundings, the better. Complete immersion in the forests offers the perfect way to achieve just that. 

The result is a memorable camping experience for holidayers, gifted by nature.

Camping for everyone

We think that everyone should try camping, and not just because we love it. It builds up a love and appreciation of the outdoors, it gets us fit and it disconnects us from technology and everything else that’s become a part of daily life. 

Everyone can benefit from a camping holiday, if only they’d try it. Therein lays one of our aims – to encourage more people to try camping.

Make camping accessible

With a whole host of camping expertise and partnerships, we aim to inform new campers as much as possible on things like gear, setting up your tent, camping tips and more. 

By improving knowledge, offering advice where possible and providing a range of attractive sites with the right facilities, we can do our bit to make camping accessible to everyone.

We don’t want to stop there, though. All types of campers can find useful information, guides, interesting (and sometimes humorous) articles and takes on camping, and even more information on the areas and forests we operate in.

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