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The New Forest is a place where nature thrives and beauty flourishes. Owing to its history of protection and special status plants, trees and wildlife have been allowed to develop freely over the forest’s lifespan. The result is a natural masterpiece - breathtaking landscapes and a plethora of opportunities for all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts. Looking for Lymington camping? Setthorns and Roundhill are within a 10 to 15 minute drive.

Luckily, if you’re looking for somewhere to try New Forest camping, we have ten campsites nestled amongst the forest’s trees. Take a look below at our ten campsites in the New Forest.


Our campsites in the New Forest:


Hollands Wood Campsite, New Forest


Hollands Wood is the perfect retreat for both mind and body. Celebrity broadcaster and environmental campaigner David Bellamy described... From: £17.75 per night (Two Adults)


Ashurst Campsite, New Forest

Ashurst campsite is a rich blend of the true forest camping experience alongside traditional open pitches. Dotted with ancient oaks, which become dense... From: £17.75 per night (Two Adults)

Denny Wood Campsite, New Forest

Sitting in a perfectly secluded spot of the New Forest, England's largest ancient woodland, is Denny Wood campsite. A haven for nature lovers and a pea... From: £10.60 per night (Two Adults)

Holmsley Campsite, New Forest

Holmsley campsite occupies part of what used to be Holmsley Airfield in WWII - one of 12 New Forest wartime airfields and Advanced Learning Grounds. No... From: £16.60 per night (Two Adults)

Longbeech Campsite, New Forest

Longbeech is a stunningly natural campsite. With no toilet or shower facilities, the emphasis is on nothing but nature. Beautiful open clearings, ancie... From: £12.80 per night (Two Adults)

Ocknell Campsite, New Forest

Welcoming all campers, Ocknell is a staple campsite for all those wishing to enjoy all the New Forest has to offer. A beautiful campsite brimming with character, hi... From: £12.80 per night (Two Adults)
Tent amongst the trees at Roundhill campsite

Roundhill Campsite, New Forest

An outstanding site sitting between Lyndhurst, Brockenhurst and Beaulieu, Roundhill campsite is the perfect example of New Forest camping. Stunning in itself with e... From: £16.60 per night (Two Adults)

Setthorns Campsite, New Forest

Reacquaint yourself with nature at the secluded, almost secretive Setthorns campsite. Cosy nooks and hidden pathways make up this site, which intertwines seamlessly with... From: £12.80 per night (Two Adults)

Aldridge Hill Campsite, New Forest

Nestled between heathland, Blackwater Stream and Ober Water, this campsite truly revels in the beauty of the New Fo... From: £10.60 per night (Two Adults)

Matley Wood Campsite, New Forest

Ferns, open grasslands and arching, ancient trees that weave their way skyward define Matley Wood campsite. Bring your tent, caravan or motorhome to this place of t... From: £10.60 per night (Two Adults)

About the New Forest

longbeech-7Steeped in history, the New Forest once covered massive areas of south England and is still protected by laws dating back as early as 1079.

It is because of these and later laws that there are now some 7,000 livestock that freely graze the New Forest land. With unrestricted access, these animals can be spotted throughout the forest; ponies wander the roads and campsites, whilst as many as six different species of deer can often be spotted in quieter areas.

The wild and domestic animals are accompanied by an extensive mix of landscapes covering the forest’s 571 square kilometres. Imagine 10,000ha of gorgeous heathlands, the highest concentration of ancient trees in Western Europe, rolling hills, valleys and coastlines. 

New Forest Campsites

New Forest camping entails a truly back to nature experience, where fences are almost non-existent and animals and the natural features of the land are offered up right next to pitches. If you’re looking to forget about work, traffic and buildings for a while, there is no better place.

Whether you’re a veteran or a novice camper, if you’re in a tent, caravan or a motorhome, at least one of our ten stunning New Forest campsites can satisfy your need to get exactly the right kind of break.
Five of our sites offer toilet and washing facilities, perfect for tent campers, whilst the other five strip back these facilities to provide as much nature as possible.  This makes a New Forest holiday a very easy option for a short weekend break or longer getaway.

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