For those with their own answers to toilets and showers, take a look at our truly back to basics campsites.

With no toilet or shower facilities, nature really does have pride of place at these sites, making them the perfect settings for complete relaxation, disconnection and immersion in the outdoor life.

View the five campsites below – all in the New Forest – and book online with us to get back to nature.

Matley Wood 03

Matley Wood Campsite, New Forest

Ferns, open grasslands and arching, ancient trees that weave their way skyward define Matley Wood campsite. Bring your tent, caravan or motorhome to this place of t... From: £11.20 per night (Two Adults)
Aldridge Hill 08

Aldridge Hill Campsite, New Forest

Nestled between heathland, Blackwater Stream and Ober Water, this campsite truly revels in the beauty of the New For... From: £11.20 per night (Two Adults)
Setthorns 01

Setthorns Campsite, New Forest


Reacquaint yourself with nature at the secluded, almost secretive Setthorns campsite.
From: £13.50 per night (Two Adults)

Longbeech 01

Longbeech Campsite, New Forest

Longbeech is a stunningly natural campsite. With no toilet or shower facilities, the emphasis is on nothing but nature. Beautiful open clearings, ancie... From: £13.50 per night (Two Adults)
Denny Wood 01

Denny Wood Campsite, New Forest

Sitting in a perfectly secluded spot of the New Forest, England's largest ancient woodland, is Denny Wood campsite. A haven for nature lovers and a pea... From: £11.20 per night (Two Adults)
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